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A "personal" style blog run by Will. A collection of genderfucking style ideas, both fiercely femme and dapper-as-fuck masculine.




Fine Art Collection by PurpleFishBowl


Oh my god I would die if I got the starry night one

For all you fashionista art lovers

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Finished the Dream coat inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman… I am a tailor for Dream Lords. 

More photos and details here:



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Beautiful fairy top with hood. You can wear it with the hood up but can also wear it as an off shoulder top for a different style. You can also wear a vest under the top if you don’t want to go for the cropped look : : : :

Stretches to fit and fully adjustable with ties…


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Preview: The Ninja in Smokescreen color scheme.

Introducing Volante Design’s Unifit cut. Unlike our other garments to date, the Ninja will be made in a single cut that is designed based on our existing size charts that will fit people of all genders. 

We call this cut Unifit as opposed to “unisex” because the term unisex as it is currently defined is a shape that is designed to be suitable for both sexes, and suitable just doesn’t cut it for us. 

The Ninja will be available in 10 sizes that will cover the measurements of our XS women’s to our 3XL men’s sizes, with some overlap in the middle. This is made possible by the side panels of the Ninja being entirely a stretch cotton. In the photos above Willow is wearing a ninja of the same cut as Enzo, albeit two unifit sizes smaller.

We are aiming to launch pre-orders for the Ninja tomorrow, July 2nd, with two additional color schemes.

Until then, stay awesome.

UPDATE: For more information on features, and to pre-order your Ninja today check out the product page:


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Cool Do’s

Amazing ladies with amazing hair

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cute petticoat dress

I have a definite weakness for coatdresses.

oh my god just dh




cute petticoat dress

I have a definite weakness for coatdresses.

oh my god just dh

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