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A "personal" style blog run by Will. A collection of genderfucking style ideas, both fiercely femme and dapper-as-fuck masculine.



Hey there frends-

I know a lot of you out there are struggling to acquire binders, and while you’re waiting to get one you might need an alternative. Ace bandages can be pretty hazardous to your health, so I thought I’d share my binding method with you. It came about out of necessity (I’m not in a position where I can buy myself a commercial binder,) but it’s comfortable and works great. I use it everyday and pass so well, at this point I’m not even looking into commercial binders anymore. 

Hope this helps some of you. 

For the person asking about binders: this works too c:

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Dogs reacting to magic tricks the same way people do: adorably.


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Being a male and female model at the same time…

Good job Erika Linder!!

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Ruffly petticoat + skirt


Circle skirt tutorialRuffle/Gathering Tutorial & Info

^important stuff

[almost] finished project! image

-This will not work with very flimsy materials (such as chiffon, jersey, costume satin etc.) you need fabric with at least some natural stiffness  

-These get pretty heavy so they should be made with a fitted waistband and a zipper + snap closure. Elastics will fall down on you D:  

-This requires making at least 25 yards or ruffles, which means over 150 yards of hemming so…uh…set some time aside for making this.

-If you have a question about this, I’d be happy to answer, but for the love of god don’t ask it on anon. 


Keep in mind that circle skirts have really long hems, and when laid flat are, quite literally, a circle. This will probably equate to being more work and volume then you want.

For this I ended up cutting a half circle skirt, three inches shorter then I wanted my finished petti/skirt to be. This is a BASE, it will not be seen, and should be made from a somewhat sturdy material that will not stretch or tear. 

I cut strips of a heavy tulle netting (the scratchy awful type, not the pretty flimsy stuff used on princess skirts) until I had ten four inch by one yd strips. These get sewn together until I have one long strip, then ruffles get sewn onto the bottom.


 The strip gets folded in half (right sides together) and sewn across the seam where the ruffles were attached. 


Then the tulle gets gathered down to the size of my skirt hem and sewn into place. It will look like this. 

imageThen repeat but with longer tulle! This time I used eight inch strips which were obviously sewn four inches above my four inch layer.  

imageNow you have a lovely A-line petticoat that just needs a zipper…but that’s not what we’re making here. We want a cupcake shaped petti! 

So that requires one more layer that starts from your waist. Measure from the waist of your skirt to where the tulle ends and add a seam allowance for ruffles.  For the length, multiply your waist measurement by four. 

Add the ruffle, and then sew something over the seam to hide fraying. In this  case I used really cheap lace. 

Then gather that down and sew it into place. 

imageNow the ruffles should  lay somewhat evenly but they are kind of all over the place. 

imageyou can fix that by taking a very large needle and sewing through all the layers of tulle until they are compacted down a bit

imageAnd then you *can* sew a hoop into the petti so it will never deflate! All that really requires is hand sewing hooping wire on which isn’t very complicated at all. 


Uhmm and then the overskirt is just gathered circle skirts + a ruffle!


I think adding a waistband and zipper is pretty straight forward so i’ll leave that to you. 


More info on how the skirt part was made will be up here soon. 

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Gender fluidity makes me uncomfortable in the BEST WAY

Most perfect eyebrows and hair
Love love love

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Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear
Burberry Prorsum

Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear

Burberry Prorsum

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Behind the scenes at the Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013 fitting filmed by Antoine Asseraf


Behind the scenes at the Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013 fitting filmed by Antoine Asseraf

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